NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT is a non-profit educational effort. is in the process of building a list of links to antitobacco and antismoking websites belonging to individuals and non-profit organizations that do not have the funding to hire full-time staff. This site is dedicated to the "little people" who make the difference in combating the Forces of Big Tobacco.


Your support is needed to keep up the fight for the right to breathe clean air, and so that we can keep pushing back against the agenda of the tobacco cartel!
FARCES (Foster All Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking) was founded by ordinary citizens as a way for ordinary citizens to fight a new type of propaganda crusade - anti-antitobacco, and hence against tobacco companies.  This is to say that is anti-anti-antitobacco as first there were antitobacco organizations warning of the use of tobacco and then there were anti-antitobacco organizations attempting to negate their warnings.
FARCES is active in local political fights, in the media, and in research. We believe that we have a huge internet base to recruit from. FARCES members in several countries are involved in activism, recruitment and education. And our numbers are growing every day.
Many - but certainly not all - of our members and supporters are non-smokers. What we really have in common is a concern that today's aggressive lobbying by the tobacco cartel is leading to a number of highly undesirable consequences: a "drug-war" style victimization of one-quarter of the population; onerous taxation disproportionately aimed at lower income earners; run-away litigation resulting in a massive transfer of wealth to lawyers and government; a de facto disrespect for the idea of individual rights; the dangerous debasement and misrepresentation of science in order to expedite a political agenda.
FARCES is not a creature of the tobacco industry, and certainly does not receive funding from Big Tobacco. This means we do not have to "toe the line" within the confines of some corporate agenda--or risk moneys not being laundered to us. It means we are free to call 'em as we see 'em - and to criticize not only the proponents of tobacco, but governments (which we frequently do). It also means that your support is even more important, to ensure the continuation of this independent voice against the corruption of the anti-antitobacco cartel.

Join us by submitting your link to  It's on a first come, first listed bases so get listed first then tell others about it.  Anyone with an antismoking web page is invited to join.  The intention here is to overwhelm politicians with the effort being exerted by individuals to free people from nicotine addiction and rid tobacco smoke from our lives.  Here is the list of links submitted so far.

  1. -- a site dedicated to living smoke free by the founder of
  2. Airspace Action on Smoking & Health -- longest-standing anti-tobacco organization in Western Canada
  3. The Grim Reaper Society/Association des Faucheuses -- bringing attention to tobacco deaths through street theater
  4. Dutch Non-Smokers' Association CAN -- (Clean Air Now) on the way to a smoke-free world
  5. The Fuming Mad File -- yet another anti-anti-anti-smoker site
  6. -- questioning the right to exist for harmful, lying tobacco companies
  7. G.O.N.A.D.S. -- (Glorious Order of Nicotine Addicts Development Society) -- Christmas
  8. G.O.N.A.D.S. -- (Glorious Order of Nicotine Addicts Development Society) -- Valentine's Day
  9. Raincoast Quit Smoking Cures -- whacky techniques for quitting smoking
  10., The Campaign Against Transnational Tobacco -- profiles the key industry players and major social justice issues impacted by the tobacco industry
  11. -- the definitive guide to tobacco news
  12. (Smokescreen Action Network) -- the easiest way to make a different in fighting Big Tobacco
  13. -- communicate with other advocates by joining mailing lists
  14. Ray Goldstein -- says to count him in
  15. Sick of -- allows those smokers (the majority) who are sick of smoking to sound off about what they hate about it
  16. NonFumo -- traveling to Italy? Here's a good link with a search engine (over 600 pubs and restaurants included) to find smoke-free restaurants and pubs
  17. Smokefree Victoria (Australia) -- Bill Jordan's passive smoking website
  18. RookVrij -- a Belgian smoke-free lobby (RookVrij = Smoke free)  Advocates for a smoke free environment
  19. Addiction Health Directory -- Tobacco -- addiction resource list, Top Health Addictions, Substance Abuse, Tobacco

Here is proof that anti-antismoking sites (pro-smoking) exist.

  1. FORCES International -- tobacco consumers' rights network
  2. The History of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco -- by Carol AS Thompson